Sunday, 3 June 2012

'36 Days of Running' -Week 3

I can hardly believe how fast this is going - 21 days done already. My tracks are looking pretty.

I've been running really well and feeling superb. There was probably only one day this week where I really had to drag myself out of the door but, as usual, once I'm on the road it feels great to be running.

There's a small suburb I often run through - with boom gates in and out on two roads. The scenery here is great as the road I like to run on has open grass one the one side and I run parallel to the wild side of Linksfield Ridge. Pleasing. At the one boom gate there are always bunnies - pet bunnies that live under the guard house. They're not 'pet' that you can touch them  - but they are domestic rabbits and they live there, just munching the grass and hanging out. I went that way on Wednesday evening and saw three new baby bunnies. The guard says that they're a few weeks old. Very sweet. I like looking at the bunnies when I go through there.

I had a total television glut today as I sat glued to watching the Comrades Marathon. Commentary was better than most years - I really enjoyed Helen and Ross in the studio. Production could have been better. The race itself was great and I was whooping and cheering for Ludwig. I only saw a dash of Shvetsov - love his running style.

Super run by Elena Nurgalieva - she ran a solid race and is quite phenomenal. I was also cheering for trail runner Eleanor Greenwood. I loved her power walk up the latter part of Cowies - just like a trail runner! She looked fabulous coming into the finish and I'll be sending more cheers her way for a good run at Western States 100 in three weeks.

And so I start Week 4 of '36 Days of Running' full of beans and by a post-Comrades-watching buzz. Nice.

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adventurelisa said...

Lovely blog post by Eleanor 'Ellie' Greenwood on her Comrades experience.