Saturday, 16 June 2012

Ireland - post 2

Thursday morning started off clear and fabulous. By the time we got to the Loughcrew site, just outside of Oldcastle, it was raining and windy.

A beautiful morning as we set off from Donore.
From Donore we headed past Newgrange to a wool farm and the lovely lady took us through the process of spinning yarn. I've been wanting to see this for a while. Really, really cool. This is a fleece from a Jacob's Sheep, which is brown and white in colour.
Carding the wool to align the fibres and to get rid of the little bits for suitable to spin
The mat - after the wool has been carded.
And then, spinning. I bought a ball of yarn - not yet sure what I'll make from it.
Slane Castle, in Slane. Just the otherside from Oldbridge - also on the Boyne river. This is where some seriously BIG concerts have been held and U2 recorded an album. Nicer outside than inside really... it isn't a castle in the real sense of a castle. There are normal-ism rooms inside - not all open and stoney and spooky like a real castle. It is a 'castle-ised' house.
One of the four High Crosses and the Round Tower at Kells
I really enjoy these information boards. No shortage in every town we've been to or passed through.
The countryside, heading from Kells to Oldcastle changed quite suddenly from hedges to stone walls. We asked the guide at Loughcrew about this and he said that there was rock in the area and generally you get stone walls when the farmers are clearing their land of stones - they use it to make the walls.
Site T at Loughcrew East. We had a super guide who took us inside and pointed out the features and neolithic art. We also quizzed him about the sudden appearance of stone walls around the fields (as opposed to the hedges from where we'd come) and also about the Irish language - popularity, useage and such. 
Just a picture. I liked the texture.
On top of Loughcrew East - rainy and very, very windy. Many burial mounds on this hill - this small, exposed one is next to the main one.
That's the hill we went to.
Instead of a run (Day 32) I went walking in the rain (in my waterproof jacket and pants) around Oldcastle.

I do like...
Cemetry in Oldcastle, looking towards the Loughcrew hills.
Summer fashions in Oldcastle. It really is not warm enough for this stuff!

Watching the Ireland vs Spain game at a pub in Oldcastle. Unfortunately Ireland lost 0-4... UEFA started over the weekend. 

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