Saturday, 16 June 2012

Ireland - post 3

Friday morning in Oldcastle began with cloud, wind and rain and ended with splotches of sunshine in Carrick-on-Shannon, a lovely and sizeable town. It is funny how apologetic the people are about the weather.. well, this is Ireland and we did expect it. This Emerald Island wouldn't be as green if it wasn't for the wet. Nonetheless, we do giggle a little when people say how sorry they are that it is raining.

Now this can be interpreted in two ways... 
Beautiful poppies as we passed through Carrowleen. They are huge!
First stop for the day, the Killykeen Forest Park, We did a short walk through the forest.
A pretty flower alongside the trail.
Posing for a pic in the forest.

The abbey in Fenagh
Old gravestones in the yard of the Fenagh abbey. The yard is packed with graves, most of them from the last twenty years or so. Me, I think it is wrong. Especially the ones inside the ruin! This is an archaeological site and there's loads of ground all over the place for people to be buried. 
In Carrick-on-Shannon

Where we're staying in Carrick-on-Shannon. My run started in a dash of sun and beautiful light and ended in a downpour. And then there was another sparkle of sun... and then more rain... and then... 
Day 33 run around Carrick-on-Shannon. Only found this map as I returned through town.
Live music in Carrick-on-Shannon. An awesome bluegrass jam by a whole bunch of musicians who didn't all know each other. There were two banjos, two guitars, a mandolin, an acordian, a hand drum and a fiddle. One of the guys also threw in a bit of harmonics. Most certainly foot tapping.

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Kirb said...

We had this happen to us as well when we traveled in Ireland 2 years ago, went to a pub for drinks/eats and people were walking in with instruments and started jammin - foot stompin music