Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ireland 7 - Cliffs, scenery and farms

Tuesday's trip took us to the Cliffs of Moher, a popular tourist stop. The cliffs are indeed quite cool to see and the spot really caters to visitors with paved walkways to viewpoints and a visitor's centre. We're really glad that we're here in Ireland now and not next month when the real tourist flood begins.

From the cliffs we headed to Limerick and then along the coast, ending up in the town of Ballyheige. I saw it on the map and thought it looked like a good location - and it was. My run yesterday was past dairy farms and with a lovely view of the Ballyheige Bay and beach.

Today, Wednesday, we went through Tralee and on to the Dingle Peninsula. We'd been told that the town of Dingle was a realy tourist trap but worth visiting, which it was. But the drive to Dingle and over the Connor Pass - wow! That was a big highlight. Also the drive from Dingle was superb - lots and lots of farms and sheep and dairy cows. The other two peninsulas South of Dingle (Iveragh and Beara) are probably just as awesome with their mountains and valleys but with time getting short, we were back on the road and heading through to Mallow, which is where we are tonight.

Tomorrow we'll head towards the East coast to be within close distance of Wicklow, which is where I'll meet up with Sean and Chris on Friday afternoon. Rogaine on Saturday!

At the Cliffs of Moher
Big tourist infrastructure with the paths here at the Cliffs.
We were curious about this so mom asked a chap in the visitor centre. Sadly the cliffs have people jumping off them - and not BASE jumping.
My first run in short sleeves! Kerryhead, near Ballyheige.
No guessing what kinda farming is happening here...
Lots of bend warnings in other Provinces - not as many in Cork. I liked this one.. naughty, naughty bends. Ahead is the town of Ballyheige with Ballyheige beach visible
Needed to pee while out running so I crawled under a fence into a field... had a close encounter with stinging nettles as I crawled under the fence.
Mom in Dingle. She couldn't resist this dolphin.
This evening in Mallow mom and I were walking across the Blackwater River bridge when we spot an orienteering control (#5). Then, we see a guy going down to the control, as if to collect it. So, I ran down and chatted to the chap, Ted. He says he's probably one of the longest standing orienteers in Ireland - started at the age of 12. He is involved in various school coaching projects and other orienteering activities. He said he made this handdrawn map for this evening's event in an hour or so. To do it on OCAD (orienteering map-drawing software) would have taken him days, which I can attest to! I love this map - he gave me a copy and I've got his contact details to chat about school O stuff as this is what I'm involved in. Looks like the colours are done in koki pen. Stunning! Simple and effective.

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Staci said...

Loving your updates. Looks like a great place to visit.
Will miss you tonight at Metrogaine.
Will be thinking of you during your Rogaine and cheering you on from here. Have a good one!