Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ireland 9 - some other pics

Just a few other pics from around the race.
Our first stop on Friday morning was to the Avoca handweavers. What a fabulous place. 

Passing through Ashford, after Avoca, we spotted this 'yarn bombing', which led to the most amazing yarn store. And upstairs there were a bunch of women carding and spinning the most beautiful yarns. We spent quite a while with them chatting about their wonderful crafts.

Pumping my own fuel! ;)
Mom and I at Malahide Castle. This is the most amazing estate that is open to the public. Massive fields, playgrounds, sporting areas and tracks for running and biking. I didn't do well with getting the castle in the background in this photo...

We drove past this field of poppies and just had to stop. This is a massive field. I don't know what the deal is with this field but our cousin says that when fields are turned and old soil is uncovered poppies appear. With time they go again. This field was outside a castle estate - one used for functions and such. The colour is even more vibrant than in this photo.


anita said...

Lisa, can you tell where exactly this poppy field is placed in Ireland? I live in Ireland and never seen such a beautiful wheat field. Best regards

adventurelisa said...

Mmm... I'll have to ask my mom to see if she remembers. I seem to think it was just North of Dublin... If I find out I'll let you know.