Saturday, 16 June 2012

Ireland - post 1

Since mom and I arrived in Ireland on Tuesday afternoon we've been on the go the whole time. As it is light until after 10pm we've been using the day to its max.

Over the next couple of posts from our time here, I'll show you what we're seeing. This is as much for my memory as your enjoyment because we can barely remember where we were two days ago. Time seems to pass way more slowly here. While we're on the go non-stop, we're certainly not in a rush. We're meandering through little towns on quiet roads and lapping up the greenery.
Mom and me at OR Tambo airport, leaving Jo'burg for Dublin, via Abu Dhabi.
Felt so great to land in Abu Dhabi - I really do like that place!
Our first accommodation in Ireland, in Portmarnock. Lovely town on the East coast, a very little North of Dublin.
We did a little walkabout the town to check out food spots, location of the train, bus stop and general scenery.
Location of my Day 30 run - Portmarnock beach

Wednesday, 13 June - first full day in Ireland

We caught the bus into Dublin - a scenic 50 minute trip. Saw these gerbers (Barberton Daisies) - beautiful.
Pretty flowers behind us. We walked the streets for a bit and then met up with Sean, my rogaine partner, for a cup of tea.
After hitting 'Great Outdoors', a friendly store, to get waterproof pants (to replace my previous pair that went AWOL) we made for the train station. Much excitement to catch the DART back to Portmarnock - only a 30 minute journey.
We liked this... 'antisocial behaviour'
After my own heart... blood donation promotion at the train station and I saw something on telly this same evening encouraging people to donate and especially calling for O Neg blood (that's me!)
Neolithic art at Newgrange -  a passage burial site
We couldn't resist the opportunity to add our stickers from Newgrange.
From Newgrange through to Donore, where we met this beautiful horse named Sumo. He's a Welsh Cob.
I then headed off on a run and initially missed the entrance for the Oldbridge estate - I thought the pedestrian gate was just the entrance to open ground for people to walk their dogs (I saw people with a dog going in as I ran past). I ran about a kilometre towards Drogheda before turning around.
Big thing about this area and especially the Oldbridge land is the Battle of the Boyne (the river in this valley is the Boyne River). This sign board is placed at a 'viewpoint', where the field you're on overlooks the land and this illustration shows what I would have been looking at - kinda - at noon on 1 July in 1690.
Part of my run route (Day 31) from Donore (bottom of pic) on green line, then turnaround and on to the Oldbridge estate.
Very glad it was 'no hunting' here. Makes me think twice about running across fields!
Stayed at a friendly Pub & Inn in Donore. Around 9pm a bunch of locals came in - lots of them. They play poker together once a week. They each put in 10 Euro and then they get handed cards of photocopied money (colour, only one side). Everyone gets the same amount. Winner takes home the kitty. They play really fast - just basic poker - and it was fun to watch.

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