Saturday, 30 June 2012

First post-race run

About 10 years ago I was feeling full of beans after a multi-day adventure race so I decided to head into the gym for a run on the treadmill. After about two minutes I got off and went home. Sometimes you feel A-ok walking around but when you turn up the dial then you realise that your body is still recovering. Ever since then I've always taken a good week to chill after a race and to let my body recover - like a thank you to it for working so hard. Only walking and yoga - no running.

Since the 24hr rogaine in Ireland a week ago I've done quite a bit of walking and then there was the 18hrs of plane sitting on Thursday and Thursday night to get home. Fortunately my post-race stiffness didn't last past Monday although the soles of my feet still felt worked over for a few days (the left is not 100% yet - almost).

With the weather warm, the sky blue and the sun shining it this afternoon was the perfect time for my first post-race run.

Arrggghhh... the first 20 minutes are never great. Seems to take a while to settle in, get the legs working nicely and to relax into the run. This was the case tonight. By the end - about 35 minutes total - I was feeling much better and a dash of yoga ironed out more kinks. I'll stick with light and easy runs over the next week as I ease back into regular running.

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