Monday, 3 June 2013

21 day of '37 Days of Running'

This last week has gone very smoothly and I'm still loving my night running. I had some later nights this past week, often heading out after 19h00. Just beautiful!

From last Sunday to this Sunday I've had three runs with other people. Last Sunday Irish adventure racer Paula joined me to run the huskies before her flight home. On Thursday at lunch time I did a warm and sunny 12km run with Sarah and then yesterday  Tony joined me to run the huskies.

I'm now 21 days into my '37 Days' challenge and doing very comfortable 50-kilometre weeks. Nice and easy and feeling fabulous.

I've also been doing a '30 day squat challenge'. I saw it flying around Facebook earlier this year and we've made it our AR Club Challenge for June. Fred adapted the standard challenge, starting with 50 squats, to create two other levels. I 'named' the levels Buzz Lightyear, Wonder Woman and Chuck Norris. I think it was a club member who told me that when asked how many squats he could do Chuck Norris replied, "All of them". I've included the squat challenge graphic below.

I'm hoping that my 37-year-old butt looks better than my 36-year-old butt after this. Good habit to get into - regular squats. I'm on about Day 18 of the squat challenge. I'm a bit confused because I lost count somewhere along the line. It really is worth printing this table to tick off the days (which I haven't done).

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