Monday, 17 June 2013

First run... in heaven

After a slow and easy morning I headed out for my first run here in Bariloche. I thought I'd go out for an hour or so. I got back after THREE HOURS. At one stage during the run I thought that I must have died and gone to heaven. But as I'd always figured heaven for tee-shirt-and-shorts weather, I knew that could not be so. Nonetheless, I am in a HEAVEN of some kind because this place is just fabulous. Cold. But fabulous.

I set off along the 'coastal' road, with basic street map of Bariloche in hand. The wind was howling but with two Buffs (one on head, one around neck), a thermal base layer plus run jacket plus wind shell and long warm (not fleece - these are still to come out) tights, I felt A-ok. Ah, and running gloves. The wind here is really icy! Even saw iced-over puddles on the road side. And this was at 13h00-ish! Only going to be getting colder from here...

I've got another, local map. This just gives you an idea of the town. Need to get my hands on the hiking map of the area.
As much as I've never been crazy about the cold I do find it fresh and invigorating - quite novel and exciting for now. The hostel is nice and warm inside and you sleep warm too. There's even a radiator in the bathroom, which keeps off the chill after showering.

The lake. These waves are so totally because of the wind. Brrrr...
After a few kays I took another road up and made my way across to what looked like a trail on the map. What it was is a trail... it runs beneath a ski lift. Yes, it is steep and straight up!

More than 2/3 up already. Just a bit more to go. Underfoot on this section ahead the 'gravel' just slides - very loose.
After a bit I started to see bits of snow and up on top there was quite a bit. Spectators too, who came up by cable car.

And this isn't even the main ski mountain area! So much exploring to be done!

I think I'll run this route frequently as it is awesome and easily accessible. Will be interesting to see the change in the scenery over the next few weeks. Going to get very WHITE. Won't be any vegetation showing. I'm going to have such awesome weekend adventures!

And then I ran the road down and back into town. The only tricky bit was running on ice on the higher parts of the road. Very slippery. I look forward to attempting to run this road up. Great fitness challenge to be able to run 90% of it - at least - by the time I leave. Nice in places, steep lower down. I met two St Bernard dogs. I think they live at the ski place next to the road down. They came up to me to say hi and leaned against my leg while I petted them. Very sweet. I saw a big St Bernard and a puppy yesterday. Suitable and evidently popular dogs for this area. Oooohh... the huskies would absolutely loooovvveee this place!

High up on the road. Where the car tracks are... that's ice, not dirt. Safer to run on the snow. Crunch-crunch.
Also what makes this place so great is that aside from the main roads in the central part of town and the main routes along the lake, the rest are DIRT. That's right. DIRT. I did say HEAVEN, didn't I?

Where I'm staying. Bariloche stretches long along the lake but this here is the main town 'centre'. I'm staying a few blocks above the centre of centre of town.
These photos are to make you TOTALLY envious. I would be. Except I'm not. Because I AM HERE!

This afternoon I went to check out my Spanish school - it's like two small blocks from here. I start lessons at 09h00 Monday morning. So very excited!

Excitement is... learning Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country!

In the news here too. In the local Bariloche newspaper from today, 16 June 2013. A few people in BA asked after Mandela's health too.


Robert Green said...

Ok, we are envious! Just had a thought when I saw your buff. As my souvenir of countries that I have been to I try to buy a buff with the flag of the country on. Any Argentina flag buffs?

adventurelisa said...

Great idea Robert! I'm also a Biff collector os if I can't get one with an Argentine flag, then perhaps another Argentine something to take home ;) I like.

Staci said...

You're right ... Heaven and jealous. Enjoy the next few weeks running!