Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Old MacDonald had a... El pollito pio

There's this absolutely awesome Spanish song. Totally addictive. I liken it to a funked up 'Old MacDonald had a farm'.

The song is called 'El pollito Pio'.

Pollito is a chicken.

The song goes something like...

"On the radio there is a chicken PIO."

Pio seems to be the sound that a chicken makes - cheep-cheep in English.

And then there are a whole bunch more animals added with their sounds.

Let's see...
A hen, rooster, turkey, dove, cat , dog, goat, lamb, cow, bull and, finally, a tractor. With each one, as with the English classic, the animal plus sound is all added together much like..

The dog - woof
The cat - miaow
The cow - moo

It's catchy and silly and sweet.


(you can find the lyrics - letras - online if you're inclined to)

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La Gazza Ladra said...

Very fun and hypnotic. I think the italian version is the original one

Muy divertida e hipnótica. Creo que la versión italiana es la original