Monday, 10 June 2013

28 days of '37 Days of Running'

Four weeks DONE! Unbelievable how fast this challenge passes.

This past week has been relatively good and I recall only one day where I sighed before heading out. As always, I feel totally better and more energised after my run.

A highlight of this week was my Friday lunchtime run with the huskies. We had a longer outing the usual and it was very warm out. When we got back to their home Angel and Toscana jumped straight into their water-filled shells to splash down. I do carry water for them when we're out - they've learned to drink from a water bottle. I'm running with them again at lunchtime today - I am doing to miss these two when I'm away.

On Wednesday I fly to Buenos Aires so it will mess up my running schedule a bit. I have to be at the airport around 06h30 and I get to my hostel in Buenos Aires after 19h00. I've made a map of my suburb so I'll probably go for a night walk around the area instead of a run. Then on Thursday I'll head down to the nearby Ecological Park for a run and I'll also check out the 'hood during daylight too.

Howz this... check out the weather forecast for Saturday, when I arrive in Bariloche. 2C and SNOW! Warm tights. Check. Beanie. Check. Buffs (plural). Check. Gloves. Check. Thermal top. Check. Run jacket. Check. What a running experience this is going to be.

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