Wednesday, 26 June 2013

37 Days of Running - DONE

I'm a bit behind - a week behind - on wrapping up my annual game.

 I did indeed complete my '37 Days of Running' - that's 37 consecutive days of running/walking at least 5km leading up to - and including - my birthday.

I arrived in Argentina on 12 June and logged a few days of big kilometres (15km to 19km) of walking around the city looking at sites. Once in Bariloche I really got to run and enjoy this beautiful scenery.

I forget now, but I think that my shortage mileage days would have been the night I arrived in Buenos Aires, when I only walked about 4km (I have no idea as I didn't take my logger - I was out for an hour but was also looking around) and I think when I arrived in Bariloche I also just did a walkabout to find what was where.

Again, my memory of the days here is foggy (and I haven't been as meticulous with my training log) I think, with the exception of today - when I'm purposefully playing indoors - that I've run/walked every day since I started the Challenge back in mid-May.

Jonathan, in CT, also undertook my birthday challenge (thank you Jonathan). On my birthday he sent birthday wishes and said that I he would prefer if I would get younger every year and not older so that the number of days in the challenge would diminish, not increase. I think I've enticed Jonathan into doing his own birthday challenge (Days of Activity - not just running). His birthday comes up in August. I think he prefers to do my birthday challenge because I have... sixteen fewer days to my challenge than his! ;)

Till next year and what will be '38 Days of Running' ;)

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