Sunday, 9 June 2013

Hey, where'd that control go?

Oh, how many ways there are to screw up on an orienteering course. Last year at the Big 5 O event I mispunched a control - my first such error ('my' control was maybe 20m nearby - I didn't check the control code!). This morning, I totally left out a control going smoothly from 10 to 11 to 13. Just after crossing the finish I looked at my map to see that lo-and-behold I'd skipped 12. And I was having such fun in the bluegum tree plantation!

So, let's see what I got up to out there this morning.

Control 2

I overshot. I thought I was on track and headed for a break in the vegetation. Realised I was too far up, bashed through the swampy grass-river, got the control, bashed through the swamp again to head for #3.
(I didn't position my track very well... I didn't go through the green to get to #3, I went around it.)

Control 5

Control 5 was where I really messed up. I took a really good route from #3 to #4 - up and up and up. Then, from 4, I saw a gap in the quarry, which I took. I really wasn't reading those embankments properly. I realised I was in the 'green' area and got out of there. I ended up in a 'walled' area, but didn't see the control. I was a bit confused. The solid black line wall and the near-vertical embankments are actually quite different.

I noticed the wall and started moving along it. I spotted the control at the same time as I saw Sarah. She'd started a bit after me. That control cost me time! I really don't know why I didn't just go as-the-crow-flies...

But I caught up to Sarah again heading for #8 (I had good routes to 6, 7 and 8).

The missing Control 12 (missing in my mind!)

And then I had decent routes to 9, 10 and 11. I had my heart set on 13, after 11. I didn't even notice 12! How stoooopiiiidddd. This is the FIRST TIME that I've totally left out a control! You can see from my track that there is no hesitation. I punched 11 and moved straight on to 13! I was having such fun running in this bluegum forest.

I only realised just after crossing the finish that there was a #12 on my map. Arrrggghhh...

First time for everything...!!!

The rest of my controls where super-dooper. No problems. And I was running totally oblivious of my error.

I may have come in second - depending on my time difference to Zig.

Would've. Could've. Should've. Didn't. Got a DSQ instead!

Oh well. I nonetheless has a really nice time out there. It felt good to be orienteering again - I don't think I've done any events this year (and not much in the second half of last year either)! I have been at many events (schools league) and also coaching, but not much as a participant. And it shows, evidently!

Still, a good outing. Thanks to RACO for a superb event.

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