Friday, 21 March 2014

Contortion class

Instead of swinging from the rafters at last night's pole class we had what was termed a 'contortion class'. Two young lasses - both dancers - took the class and they worked through a number of progressive stretches that left me feeling totally pathetic. I've never been able to do the splits, so I'm at peace with this, but some other moves...

While there were many that I couldn't do properly because I just don't have the flexibility, there were other balance moves that I thoroughly enjoyed. I did a shoulder balance for the first time, they guided me from a headstand into a handstand (now that I know the technique I should be able to work on it by myself - in theory), they aided a handstand walkover and I even succeeded in doing a dance/gymnastic thing called something like 'dolphin roll'.

A serious chest balance. I didn't look quite this elegant....
But I couldn't even get close with a whole bunch of other moves. Some of the moves felt half ok and then a glance in the mirror showed that there wasn't a hope in hell of my foot / hand / head / leg ever reaching its intended destination.

I definitely have an aptitude for the acrobatic and gymnastic - and not anything related to ballet nor putting one's foot on one's head...

I was quite delighted when the lasses' mom commented, "You must have a gymnastic background". I don't. But that comment made my night.

Circus school definitely improved my flexibility and strength but I've been out of it for a while so I've lost some of this. I left class feeling rigid and pathetic. The class initiated an itch and so I'm hitting a yoga class in the morning. That should scratch it for a while.

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