Sunday, 9 March 2014

Neglected veggie garden - giving it some TLC

I haven't said much about my veggie garden this season... because there hasn't been much to say.

It started off badly last year when I was so consumed by the TEFL course that after putting in plants and cultivating seedlings, I then sorely neglected the garden. Too little watering, too much heat, no weeding... I got into it a few weeks ago... or maybe was that a few months ago over xmas? I can't remember. Either way I've done little with the garden.

It has been more forgiving of me (than me of myself) and I've enjoyed some cherry tomatoes, a few eggplants and a dash of swiss chard. The basil is looking great too. But the weeds... and spindly tomato plants... The garden has been looking a mess!

I swore to give it some attention 'after Forest Run' but with all the rain this week I haven't been out there. Straight after orienteering this morning I swung past the nursery to get some moo poo and a few seedlings (one tray of flowers, a tray of beetroot and a tray of spinach). I dumped my stuff indoors, pulled on my wide-brimmed hat and headed out.

It took me about an hour and a half to work through half of the bed. Revolutionary! I pulled up all of the cherry tomatoes, which I hadn't staked properly this year, I dug out the weeds and trimmed here and there. The eggplants are looking strong, the sorrel continues to flourish and there are a few nice-looking swiss chard plants.

I walked away feeling very satisfied and not 10-minutes later the rain started. Perfect timing to soak in that manure.

I'm aiming to get out for an hour each day over the next week to finish tidying it up and to put in the new seedlings. I'll take some pics during the week.

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