Friday, 7 March 2014

Penguin jumpers

Yesterday I read an article on The Telegraph: "Australian plea to knitters to make pullovers to aid oil-smeared penguins".

Via a link or two I read about penguin jumpers about a year or two ago - from the previous oil spill, which was a few years before. I dropped a note to the South African penguin rescue people in Cape Town, asking for dimensions of our Cape penguins (I'm sure they're bigger than the Aussie ones) so that I could create a pattern that could be circulated so that we have a stash of jumpers that can be used should disaster strike - better to be prepared in advance. Another oil spill at some stage really is inevitable.

I didn't get any response and I didn't follow up - but this recent Australian incident has reminded me to do so.

Well, now that there has been another oil spill in Australia they need more penguin jumpers.

The Telegraph article was missing links to both the Penguin Foundation and to a pattern for the jumpers. How silly is that? The article asks people to knit jumpers and then they don't provide a link to a pattern. Sure, I found it online after a bit of searching... but really!

I did send an email to The Telegraph yesterday afternoon and they've promptly responded. The article has been amended and a link to the pattern has been included.

Should you be interested in knitting (or crocheting) a penguin jumper, you can find patterns here:

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