Thursday, 6 March 2014

Next online course - Think101

I completed the Spanish MOOC about two/three weeks ago - that was pretty good. I miss the daily discipline of working through Spanish, listening to videos and spoken content and building my vocabulary. For this reason alone I'm thinking of signing up for the next level, which started this week. Only $29.

The English writing course wasn't as intensive and this one wrapped up last week, while I was away. With little (very little, not even a stable EDGE connection) to no internet, I just gave up on trying to connect and missed the final submission deadline. This was a seriously large MOOC with pages and pages and pages of a 'discussion forum' - they lost me on this one. I did what was needed but didn't get too involved. Some of the content of the course was really good but overall it was quite dull.

My new course is Think101x: The Science of everyday thinking. It's on EdX and offered by the University of Queensland. Also not too intensive (1-2hrs/week) and it looks to be very interesting and with super guests, including those guys from Myth Busters and other. It runs over 12 weeks and you can still sign up if you're interested.

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