Monday, 24 March 2014

First Aid - certification update (long overdue!)

Yes! I'm booked to do a first aid course in early April. Sure, I've done a bunch of them over the years - Level 1s and a Level 3. But, certificates expire and courses have to be taken again. I've been out-of-date for too long.

I found a number of decent looking establishments and have settled on one up the road from me.

The exciting thing is... while looking at course options, I found a bunch that offers a  "Basic suturing course" and an "IV therapy course" - stitching people up and putting up drips. Oh yeah! I'm signed up for the suturing course and may later this year the IV course.

I've always thought that people should be trained in specifics.

Why go to a hospital for a gash in your leg when you can go to a 'kiosk' that specialises in suturing. Not everything needs a doctor or plastic surgery. Suture specialists can be trained to differentiate and designate and to do what is needed. 

How often do people pass up getting stitches because of the cost? And they end up with a nasty, chunky scar? A kiosk that charges not-hospital-rates for a few stitches - I'd go there.

Once I've completed the course at the end of April, you know where to go...

BTW - I have actually sutured before - rats. Back in the day. I took great pride in work well done. I've taken plenty of stitches out too - from myself, friends and animals.

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