Sunday, 9 March 2014

Urban Series O at Golden Harvest Park

I haven't been to Golden Harvest Park (North Jo'burg, near the Dome) for so many years that running there this morning really was like running on a brand-new map.

This was the fourth event of the new orienteering Urban Series - the second that I've done. I had a good, clean run with no navigation issues. I ended up in a respectable 6th place; four seconds behind 5th place and one second ahead of 7th.

What is rather frightening is the ONE SECOND... I was barely ahead of my friend's daughter - she must be 12 years old now. Arrrggghhh! At least I can still beat her on the long, tough courses. But certainly not for long... She runs so well and navigates superbly.

Control 8 to 9 was probably the most interesting as we had to choose a way around (I'm the green route).

I decided to go clockwise to benefit from a nice downhill run on the other side. I was at 8 with another runner and she chose to go the other way around (pink route). That was pretty cool because then you get to compare the success of your route. I came out ahead of her so I was happy with my choice. Approaching 9 I saw two controls -the one was on the stream; the other for my course was on the side of the dam. I saw the stream control first - and then the stream. I didn't even bother checking the control number as I knew it couldn't be mine and had spotted the correct one within seconds. Nice placement.

The next event up is the annual club relays on 16 March. Relays are always great fun. We run in teams of three and I'm running with club mates Cindy and Zig in a women's team.

After this is the Night O event at the Houghton Golf Estate. I haven't done a Night O for years - it's helluva exciting because the micro-navigation orienteering world is a completely different place at night. I'm really looking forward to this one. If you're keen to come, you must pre-enter.

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