Friday, 24 November 2006

How did you get into AR?

One of the most common questions I get asked is, "How can I get into adventure racing?". It's a question too that has directed much of's content. This week I attended a celebration of Runner's World SA's 150th issue. Did you know that this was how I got into AR?

Runner's World SA was the first international edition of the magazine and it was launched in May/June 1993. South Africa set the trend 14-years ago and the publication is now available in most countries and in 11 languages.

I became a regular reader in early 1999 after receiving a copy in my goodie bag from the Bedfordview 21km (now the Dischem 21km, held early January every year), my very first half-marathon.

About 3-months later I got a call from my underwater hockey friend (I was playing Provincially at that stage) asking, "Have you got the new issue yet? Go get it. There's something in it that's just up your alley." I shot off to the shops and snapped up a copy. It was the May 1999 issue and the "something" was a double-page on the new Old Mutual Hi-Tec Adventure Racing Series.

Too soon to assemble a 4-person team to enter the first 180km race in early July '99, I targeted the 250km race at the end of July '99. Hooked, we lurched to the 500km at the end of September '99...

Where is now an introduction, guide and reference to adventure racing for so many, Runner's World was my introduction.

And, I would never have guessed 8-years ago that I would become a regular contributor to what is my favourite magazine. I'm proud and honoured to be part of their family.

Runner's World SA, congratulations on this milestone. Thank you for your support of adventure racing and a toast to many, many more years of issues and kilometers.

This 150th issue is exceptional. It's a whopping 144-page publication with loads of great content. Go get it.

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