Friday 17 November 2006

Put your foot down

I've been training consistently (5-6 times a week) for about 15-years now. I also always train in the evening but the main problem with training in the evenings is d.i.s.r.u.p.t.i.o.n.

Talks, dinners, functions, socials... these things always happen at night. If I've got to be somewhere at 19h00 I probably have to leave around 18h00. This crunches into training time and I find that I keep compromising on my training frequency and duration to do x, y and z. Training in the morning? I'm an owl, not a lark, and I realised more than 10-years ago not to even attempt the morning training thing. It is just never going to happen for me.

Over the past 5-months (new job, many social functions, juggling I've allowed too many disruptions. On Tuesday I finally said, "Enough!".

We diarise business meetings, birthday parties and races and we should treat our training schedule in the same way. I used to do this but somewhere along the way I lost my rigidity and became more... flexible. I'm returning to my old ways.

My fitness, health and sanity is my top priority and it is something that it important to me in terms of pure enjoyment and pleasure and as a mechanism that allows me to compete in anything that catches my attention regardless of distance or duration.

Pumpkins, join me and climb aboard this bus for a trip to Focusland. Focus on you. Focus on your exercise, activity and nutrition. Focus on things you want to do and focus on those things you want to achieve. Your company (or the one you work for) is not going to collapse on the ground in a crumble of rubble. In fact, I can guarantee that your dedication to you will make you more efficient, productive and happy. And that's really what it is all about eh?

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Antoilene du Toit said...

Iv'e just started with adventure racing and also have trouble to find time for training. I find this storie exactly like my own, he he