Wednesday, 22 October 2008

My new recycling guy

Although I believe that there is little hope for the preservation of our planet - unless we get rid of A LOT of people - I do think we each have to do our bit towards "Saving the Earth".

And it starts at home with recycling paper, plastics, glass and metals.

Problem #1: How to separate your waste - try fold-up crates, bins or bags.

Problem #2: What to do with the stuff you've separated.

Years ago took my collections to a local depot. Then they removed the depot. Then I took just paper and glass to the nearby old age home's depot. I'd also leave relevant items for the people rummaging through the trash on garbage-collection day. I'm now in a new spot and I've needed a new plan.

* In Cape Town? There's a list of recycling depots on Cape Gateway. For the rest of the country, try Google > Recycling Depot. My local Pick 'n Pay has collection bins instore for batteries and lightbulbs. Check yours for similar initiatives.

On garbage day, Friday, there are some men who sift through the trash in the bins that have been put out for municipal collection. Two weeks ago I spoke to the one guy, Gerald, to ask him what he was collecting. He said paper and plastic bottles. Last week I handed these to him and asked whether he'd take other plastics. He said yes, and that he also collected metals and old wires. I've now got a box that all of these items go into during the week - rinsed so they're clean and not skanky. I'll leave this out for Gerald every Friday. I haven't had any glass waste yet.

It is really so easy to put materials that can be recycled into a separate box. These collectors can then walk past with their trolleys, picking up the materials from a box placed next to your municipal bins instead of sifting through your smelly and dirty rotting food leftovers.

My next mission is to meet my neighbours living on the same road one-by-one and to ask them to do the same.

This simple task on your part a) conveniently recycles your waste and b) makes the collectors' day just that little bit easier.

My recycling guy is friendly and hard-working; I'm glad I took the time to meet him.

Can I convince you to meet your recycling guy during this next week to ask what he's collecting? Try it.

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Anonymous said...

Why are recycling depots such a mess? If they were neater and better arranged it would be a more pleasant experience recycling.

We recycle about 2 black bags of papaer and plastic per week, and half a bag of glass and quarter bag of metal. We deliver all this every 2 weeks to the delta park recycling depot.

(family of 5)