Sunday, 9 November 2008

SA teams go global

In late-September Jeremy Green and Philippe van der Leeuw went to Canada for the pairs adventure race, Coast Raid. They placed 3rd and initiated the start of a global onslaught; we have more South African teams travelling abroad in this last quarter of 2008 than ever before!

McCain Adventure Addicts (Tweet, Tatum, Andre and Hanno) have just completed the Adventure Racing World Championships hosted by EcoMotion in Brazil. They placed a proud 8th, putting their feet firmly in the Top 10 in a major international event.

Team Kinetic/USN (Heidi, Stephan, Donovan and Rodwell) leave next week for the 4th edition of Australia's XPD Expedition Adventue Race. This is a 800km race through the Australian High Country and it will "see teams taking in some of Australia's highest mountains; white water paddling on turbulent rivers fed by melting winter snow; navigating through alpine forests of snowgum and tall sub-alpine mountain gums and visiting historic gold rush towns". They're racing as Team Bull of Africa. The race takes place from the 17-28 November 2008.

Next to go will be Team uge.Cyanosis. They're heading for XPD Portugal. They went last year; Nicholas went but didn't race as he was injured. This is a rogaine-style adventure race and Nicholas has been itching to go - the nagivation and strategic elements are right up his alley. He'll be racing with Clinton, Debbie and Ryan. The race runs from 20 November - 4 December 2008.

And then Team (Lisa, Lauren, Garth and Christiaan) head for the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge in the Emirates. This is a semi-staged event; a format quite different to the others. Most stages are single discipline and they range from sprint to ultra distance. The most daunting stages are the paddling (40km + 85km over 1.5 days) and desert trekking (110km, time limited to 30hrs) sections. The race runs over 6-days from 12-18 December 2008.

The experiences these teams gain abroad will boost the level of competition here at home. It's fabulous!

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