Saturday, 2 May 2009

Adventure sports publications/blogs

A new outdoor magazine hit the shelves in the UK in March/April. It is called UK Adventure Sports and it focuses on adventure and endurance outdoor sports. The sports that get attention in the magazine include Adventure Racing, Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Adventure Runs, Mountain Marathons and Ultra Marathons. So if you're visiting the UK...

Another superb publication to check out is Wend Magazine. This US magazine was launched a bit over two years ago. They bring out 5 issues a year. Although they have a print edition, the magazine is also available in a digital version. You can preview the digital version (with page-turning sound effects too!) and subscribe to it. It's only $5 for a 1-year digital subscription or $10 for a two year digital subscription. The Wend Blog often has some really great postings and videos of adventurous activities.

Another publication I almost forgot about is Adventure World Magazine. The magazine was launched in 2008. They recently eleased their first issue for 2009. This is an electronic publication and annual subscriptions are $9.99 (6 issues per year). You can preview the current issue online. There are also interesting adventure sport postings on the website. This current issue has an image from Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge in its cover; and a feature on the race inside. Bull of Africa 2008 featured in one of last year's issues.

And while I'm on about good adventure sport reading material, check out The Adventure Blog. It's the best way to keep up with adventurous activities around the World. Kraig Becker runs this blog; and he is a wonderful supporter of our activities here in South Africa. I get a the postings on email daily (see the subscribe box - no charge - on the blog).

If there are any related blogs that you follow, let me know about them.

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Kyle said...

Thanks for checking out Wend, Lisa. The digital version of our new issue is online right now if you haven't checked it out yet.