Saturday, 2 May 2009

Parkour on a bike

In December 2007 I went to a parkour training session at Wits for an article that I was writing for Mitsubishi's magazine, Xplore (PDF of the article available HERE, 673kb). I thoroughly enjoyed the session and the next morning I was so stiff that I couldn't get up when I woke up. I had to roll off my bed... and then stand! It's a great sport and I'd love to be more involved... in addition to running, O, mtb, paddle, dance, gym... tick-tock, tick-tock.

Anyway, this video of trials rider Danny MacAskill has been doing the rounds. It is very much like 'parkour on a bike'. Danny's riding is spectacular. This an amazing demonstration of balance and control and it ranks as the most beautiful bike riding that I've ever seen (yes, even better than the dude on that forest trick riding route - Banff Mountain Film Festival movie a year or two ago). This video of Danny was filmed over a period of a few months, in and around Edinburgh.

Watch it on YouTube at (published online 19 April '09)


Anonymous said...

The Danny MacAskill video is totally awesome. It is amazing what some people can do. Similar to what Kris Holm's does on a unicycle
Mind boggling stuff.

adventurelisa said...

Yeah - I've checked out Kris before. He was on that one Banff movie. Oh wow! These guys are just so awesome. Thanks for the reminder about Kris.