Tuesday 2 June 2009

Contemplating apples and oranges

I've had a new epiphany...

Let's say that you're an orange farmer and I'm an apple farmer. I happily trade my apples for your oranges; and you're pleased to trade your oranges for my apples. And every now and again I'll give you an extra apple or two just because I can and because I want to. And you'll do the same. I appreciate our arrangement and the effort you put into growing your delicious oranges and you appreciate my apples. These items are equal in value and we each desire - and need - the one we don't have.

This principle can be applied in the home and work environments - in fact, any interaction between two people.

Considerations are:
  • Each party should contribute equal products to the trade agreement.
  • Stand up for yourself and put your foot down if you're offered vrot oranges for the apples that have taken you a lot of blood, sweat and years to cultivate. Aim to not undervalue your apples just because you want those oranges. Plums and bananas are options too.
  • Always make sure that your apples are up to standard; and don't be shy to throw in an extra one or two just 'cos you can. Any orange farmer worth their salt will appreciate your gesture.
  • If you want to negotiate a new trade with the orange farmer, make it clear you want a 'yes-no' answer. There are few things worse than being ignored when something is important to you.
The best thing is that mutually beneficial, respectful and appreciative relationships - at home and work - do exist. Most importantly, it is under your control to create and cultivate them.

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