Sunday, 14 June 2009

Say, "Yes!"

Last night I watched 'Yes Man' on DVD. It's a Jim Carrey movie (2008) about a guy, who has become withdrawn and depressed since his divorce. He spends his spare time watching DVDs alone in his apartment, ignoring invitations to parties and neglecting his friends. His outlook on life is totally negative.

A friend persuades him to attend the "Yes!" self-improvement seminar (cool appearance by Terence Stamp as the motivational guru). Jim's character, Carl, reluctantly promises to stop being a "No Man" and vows to answer "Yes!" to every opportunity, request or invitation that presents thereafter.

Carl adopts a positive mentality and seizes every opportunity that comes his way. He takes flying lessons, attends Korean language lessons and learns to play the guitar. Saying "yes" constantly works to Carl's advantage.

Although there are the obligatory OTT Jim Carrey acting scenes, I liked the theme of this movie. It's a bit like Green Eggs and Ham. Try things. Do stuff. Saying "YES!" opens doors.

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