Sunday, 5 July 2009

Wanna be on TV?

There's a new Gladiators-like television programme on the way; and they're currently recruiting entrants from sporting communities around SA. The exciting part about this show is that teams of three compete against each other - whether all male, all female or mixed. And the activities are not just physical; there are also Survivor-style thinking challenges. And then there are the bad guys/gals, like the Gladiators, who will try to prevent the teams from reaching their goals.

As a confession... I took part in the very first season of SA Gladiators as a Contender - "Contenders, aaaarrreee yyyyooouuuu rrreeeeaaadddyyy?" And that's why I encourage you to enter a team for this show. These television programmes are good FUN and a lot of excitement. There's the games themselves, the other teams, the bad guys, the spectators and the lights, camera, action!

To enter this show, send your team entry to me - ja, lisa [at]

I need the following from you:

  1. Your team name, the names of your 3 team members, the age of each member, your telephone and email contact details and photographs of each team member with the person clearly visible – photos are ESSENTIAL!
  2. Teams can be all male, all female or mixed gender.
  3. Team members should be between 18 and 40.
  4. Also please state the town and province where your team is located.
  5. Your team will need to be available for a short audition at a venue in these cities, as per the following dates:

    Cape Town: Sunday 2nd August + Monday 3rd August 2009
    Port Elizabeth: Tuesday 4th August + Wednesday 5th August 2009
    Durban: Thursday 6th August + Friday 7th August 2009
    Bloemfontein: Sunday 9th August + Monday 10th August 2009
    Johannesburg: Tuesday 11th August + Wednesday 12th August 2009

    NOTE: Applications close Friday, 24 July 2009 at 12h00.
We're also looking for Muscle Characters (only Gauteng-based applicants; over 21). These are the bad guys/girls who have to stop the teams from getting through. Obviously these people need to be buff. These entries can also be sent to me.

Come on - phone two friends and enter your team. Note the entry cut-off date above.

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