Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Kinetic Urban on a chilly highveld morning

Our all-girls team, Triumph AR (me, Lauren and Debbie), took part in the third of the Kinetic Urban events on Sunday morning. We met at the Benmore Shopping Centre at 06h30 - early and cold! Race numbers were up - just over 50 teams - even with the cold conditions; this can only be great news for the next events which happen later this year in warmer temperatures.

As before, the event had four legs (two bike, two run) and an obstacle course, which we've got waxed. There were also more all-girls teams at this race - our category is seeing some competition.

Lauren sent a short note, about the race, through to the AR email group. I have included it below.

Huge thanks to Heidi and Stephan for another fantastic urban race around the Benmore / Sandton area yesterday. Our team (Triumph AR) had good fun and it was nice to be racing around in a new area despite many strange stares from early morning shoppers in Sandton City :-)

Thanks to your loyal helpers, marshals and sponsors, the transition area looked great with all your branding and once again we were all treated to lekker spot prizes (yip, everyone got one again) and also super category prizes up for grabs.

The start was very Chilli :-) but all worth it in the end, we got to feel like a kid again, going through a kiddies playground on one of legs and a definite highlight was flying down the pole at the Sandton Fire Station. wooohoooo

We eagerly look forward to the next one in the series.

Lauren and Debbie in the Benrose Shopping Centre

After claiming our place on the top of the podium (we like it up there!), we settle down in a sun spot

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