Saturday, 29 August 2009

Day 4 - Photos

Up, up, up. This forested track just went on and on and up and up for ages!

Matt on his way up. We're almost at the top of the steepest section.

The first aid station is at the top of the visible road.

Team Lisa, out of the trees and into the sun.

Aid Station 1, certainly the most scenic so far

Lisa W at the aid station

The dirt road along the ridge. Over the top the hill goes down, down, down.

Team Lisa at the top!

Lisa W crossing the first creek.

The creek-bed trail - we liked this section

The last aid station. Only 3-miles to go, downhill.

The finish in the mountain town of RedCliff.

Our submission (Matt's artwork) for today's Salomon Photo theme - Happy Feet (we didn't win or place)

A Jack-a-lope; on the wall at Nova Guides' lodge

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