Monday, 17 August 2009

Triumph's super new sports bra

Girls, I have good news for you; Triumph has a new sports bra on the market, the Triumph Triaction Seamfree Crop Top. As the girls of Team Triumph AR (me, Lauren & Debbie), we are very fortunate to receive fabulous sports bras from Triumph for each race. We all race in Triumph's Medium Control Top (standard crop top), a style that has been around for many years. The Seamfree Crop Top is quite different in style, fabric and fit.

Sports bras work in two ways. Tops that 'Conquer and divide' have separate cups; compression tops squish the girls as flat as possible. I - and most - prefer the latter. Separate cups are more suited to bustier ladies than those in the small and medium category.

Like the common Triaction Medium Control Top, the Seamfree Crop Top squishes. The straps criss-cross and the hook-and-eye rear fastening means that you don't need to dislocate your shoulders to get into and out of it. There are four rows of three hooks (most common is three rows of two hooks), so the rear band is wider than usual - more support.

The fabric is completely different to what we've had before... new fabric composition, double-layer, quicker drying than the Medium Control Top and engineered with varying weave according to where support is most needed. And, most of the product is seamfree. I say most because there are seams - but they are not on the front body of top.

I've been running in this top for 2 weeks and I love it. No chaffing, great support and superb comfort. Nice and snug. I have not tried it with a backpack yet - this would be the final test for AR suitability... In the past I have had a hole gouged in my back by hook-and-eye fasteners under a heavy backpack, which is why the Triaction Medium Control Top (pull over your head; no fasteners) has been such a winner, even though it takes hours to dry.

Of interest, the Triaction Medium Control Top has been updated. The fabric feels a bit softer - but this could just be in contrast to my old ones, which have had a lot of wear - and there is new trim around the straps. For the rest the design, sizing and fit is exactly the same.

I have the hot pink Triaction Seamfree Crop Top. Lauren and Debbie have the navy blue. I'm not sure what other colours are on the shelves but I can most definitely recommend that you get one (or three!).

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