Monday, 18 January 2010

Running line art

I drew some of my running routes on Google Earth - makes for a colourful line art picture. The shortest is six kays (blue, a number of big hills - it is a hard route) and the longest is 12 kays (peach, the flattest option). I run variations on these routes, taking slightly different roads or running the routes anti-clockwise instead of clockwise and also combining routes.

The terrain North and South of 'Home' is very hilly - I'm in the valley so it is a climb up either way. If I stay in the valley, running East-West I get flatter elevation. I often mix the southern hills with the flatter valley when running East to the DVD store to fetch or drop off movies.

This pic made it on to a posting because I think it is pretty - colourful, angular.. a bit like a mathematical puzzle or electrical circuit or plumbing system or maze. No other reason.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a metro or underground map. Liz