Thursday, 4 February 2010

Excuse me, Mr Brazilian Coffee Shop

Yeah, we've all encountered something similar to the example I'm about to present below. It makes me think of Michael Douglas in Falling Down, when he freaks out (ok, so he was having a b.a.d. day) because "he is outraged when the burger he receives looks nothing like the thick, juicy one shown on the menu board". I didn't freak out, but I did have scence from the movie flashing in my mind. I thought I'd have a bit of fun with their poster.

I took these photos in late-December at the Brazilian Cafe at the Heidelberg West petrol station (Total, I think) off the N3 next to the Suikerbosrand exit (R550).

Mr Brazilian,

My chicken-mayo toasted sandwich was decent but it didn't look like the one in your picture. While the filling was pretty close, what about the frilly greens served to sit-down only?
Your poster says to me, "Hey Lisa, with this order you get a delicious chicken-mayo toasted sandwich and it comes with a fresh side salad, if you sit down and eat here." I did. With my two friends. One also ordered chicken-mayo. Not a green leaf, juicy cucumber slice nor red tomato in sight.
I didn't have the inclination to question the inattentive staff about this; afterall, the picture is self explanatory. I thought it would be more fun to send you photos. I have taken the opportunity to rectify your promotional poster so that it accurately depicts the offering.
[Yes, I have copied my photos to Brazilian Coffee Shops' franchise admin]

Update: The franchise administrator responded within hours to offer a refund. Very prompt, very efficient and polite. Very nice. He will also follow up with the franchise to bring this to their attention. Well done Brazilian Coffee Shop!

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Celine said...

Brilliant! You are the champion of taste buds! Please keep us posted on the outcome.