Sunday, 7 February 2010

Hey, where'd those toenails go?

My dear mom bought me a voucher for a paraffin wax pedicure last week. Pedis are divine and such a treat. Guys, they're great for your feet - try it (nail polish is not compulsory!).

So I'm chatting to an AR buddy on Skype on Friday morning, telling him that I've just been for this really lovely pampering treatment.

He asks: "How many toenails do you have? Whole ones that is?"

I reply and bounce it back to him.

"I've got 7 at the mo," he responds.

What an AR conversation!

Toenails can be lost for various reasons - usually trauma like slamming your toes into rocks, repeatedly ramming them against the front of your shoe on steep downhills (toenails often too long in this example) and blistering under the bed (also due to too long nails). And it does take quite a long time to regrow nails completely - certainly a couple of month for the smaller toes and up to eight months for big toes.

I go through phases where I don't lose toenails for ages. And then wham-bam I'll lose one or two.

I've put up a fun poll on that asks, "How many complete toenails do you currently have?". And if you're feeling adventurous, try to guess my reply to my AR friend about how many whole toenails I have. Hahaha.

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