Monday, 13 June 2011

Physiology research: CO2 tolerance in Felis catus

Sometime this past week I hit on a really cool research project for a physiology student: Carbon dioxide tolerance in Felis catus, the domestic cat.

Not inside (for a change!), on top.
I often wonder how Bracken, my kitty, is able to spend hours - like hours - under a duvet, in winter, without suffocating. Just how much air is able to filter through a duvet and blankie to oxygenate the air supply? My theory: cats have a superior tolerance for low oxygen environments.

I looked on Wiki and they say that cats can tolerate high temperatures. I don't think they're very good at tolerating low temperatures, sun-seeking animals that they are. Nothing on Wiki about high tolerance for low oxygen environments - a whole new research field opens up.

As I type this, my Felis catus is in a low oxygen environment. Puuurrrrr.


Unknown said...

hi Lisa , your kitty is beautiful, Nukunuku our kitty looks similar to your's here is a link on my deviantart photos
:) I love reading about your adventures :) have a fabulous day .

adventurelisa said...

Amelia, thanks for your comment ;) Your kitty is a pretty-kitty. She looks quite young?

Unknown said...

that was taken a while ago, she is now four years old and such a sweetie :)