Monday 3 December 2012

Green night running

As if the xmas O event wasn't fun enough for one day there was the Energizer Night Race on Saturday night. Last year I did the event in an all-girls, four-person team and the year before in a mixed four-person team with my Abu Dhabi teammates. This year the relay was downsized to allow pairs only - so I roped in my buddy Fred to be my teammate. And he gamely allowed me to deal with outfit ideas...

And that's how we ended up in bright green afro wigs and green netting skirts with face paint masks and tons of glo-sticks!

If you think we look good now, just wait. We started glowing as darkness descended.
We were very lucky to have a band of merry supporters in the form of Mike (Fred's son - his birthday! - wearing green wig) and Tezz (AR friend up from Durban), Ephraim (my talented young orienteer from Polokwane - here for an O mapping course on Sunday) and Pam (Fred's wife - her birthday was the day before). Wonderful to have these friends with us.
The event was held in the Modderfontein Nature Reserve and the number of participants was MASSIVE. TOO MASSIVE actually. A good 3000-odd people there for the MTB relay, short and long runs, walk and the run relay.

Sadly there were very few pairs in the run relay (6km each) this year - only a handful of us waited at the changeover. I've got no idea how we did because our times weren't taken. There was too much carnage at the finish line with hundreds of people going through at the same time.

Glowing! Our glo-sticks looked fabulous!
Fred ran first; I took the second leg and got caught in the hordes coming in to the finish. We didn't hang around for the festivities - just too many people.

Tall dude. Leg chair. Pose for photo. Yeah. Check out our glo-sticks EVERYWHERE!
The run route was quite nice but often difficult to know where you were going. We (and other relay runners) initially thought we'd run a wrong loop up a hill but as we all did it it seems to have been right... There was no sign for us at the road junction and down the hill the sign was to my right, pointing straight ahead, instead of in front of me directing me to turn right... I enjoyed the section through the gum trees although I nearly got unstuck a few times because the terrain off the 'trail' was mostly as smooth as the ground making up the trail. Nonetheless, we both had good runs, moving swiftly along the route. Although the weather was a little chilly, it was PERFECT for running.

This is a fun and vibey event with stage entertainment and music. I enjoy this event every year but it is now a bit too big 'n busy for me.

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