Friday 22 February 2013

School O Camp - 30 teenagers

This has been one hellvua week! On Monday we had our last Orienteering Schools League event (only the Final remains, this coming Monday), which was rained out.

Thunderbolt and lightning
very very frightening me
Galileo / Galileo / Galileo
Galileo figaro...

Tues, Wed and Thurs are a blur of Orienteering, Forest Run, client obligations and designing, printing, laminating and preparing my coaching lessons and also some games for the annual Orienteering School Camps this weekend. I'm off shortly to accompany the kiddies on the bus - we're heading out to a venue near Hekpooort. I'm the 'responsible adult' this weekend. In addition to the 30 teenagers and I'll also have the company of three other orienteers, who are also coaching various skills, and four young orienteering assistants who help to put out cones and grids and controls and to pack them all up again. 

On Saturday night we've got a fun Night O event planned.

On Sunday we take our charges to a 'real' orienteering event, where they'll be with other orienteers at this club-organised event out near Krugersdorp (everyone welcome). I won't be running competitively but rather randomly wandering around looking for lost children to assist.

So, it's going to be a good weekend.

I've been in a non-stop rush (for weeks, it feels) but now I'm substantially more calm. O activities are ready, Forest Run crisis was averted (on Wednesday already), magazine article and photos handed in (this morning)... OK, so I'm a dash sleep deprived from two weeks of rush-rush-plan-plan-organise-organise but I'll catch up this weekend. I'll sleep when I'm dead eh? (Bon Jovi music video)

Until I'm 6 feet under
Baby I don't need a bed
Gonna live while I'm alive
I'll sleep when I'm dead
Till they roll me over
And lay my bones to rest
Gonna live while I'm alive
I'll sleep when I'm dead

Have a good one y'all.

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