Wednesday 27 February 2013

Trail markings for Forest Run

I was out in the Forest Run area on Tuesday morning. I took a couple of photos to illustrate how I do my trail markings. I'll go over this at race briefing before the start but good for you to take note of pre-race.

Two tags, close together, before an intersection mean "TURN coming up". Around the corner you'll find another tag within a few metres of the junction (I can see it in the pic - just - between the trees in the 'background'). If there's only one tag it means you're heading straight. There will be a single tag on the other side of the intersection too. There are lots of intersections out here. Some distinct, some not.

 Not all intersections have boards but after every intersection there will be a tag, with another 'verification' tag  a bit further along.

After every intersection there will be a tag within a few metres of the intersection. The one on this bush looks a distance away but it isn't. The lens on my happy-snappy camera is pretty wide so the perspective looks odd compared to reality. In reality the orange is more visible and it is nearby.

 Tags will either be around tree trunks or hanging. Or on a smaller plant closer to the road. All depends what I can get my hands on. The side of the road (left or right) is mostly irrelevant (except for turning), although I'll try to keep it fairly consistent. Again, it really just depends what I have to work with. In some places there's forest on both sides; other places there's forest on one side and a few short sections where it may be open on both sides.

If tags are not tied around tree trunks they'll be hanging.

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