Monday 8 June 2015

12-hour Dawn 2 Dusk circuit race entered

Nine years ago I ran my one-and-only 12-hour circuit race (thus far). I had such a great experience there. The race that I did, the Toyota 12hr in Randburg was discontinued the following year and I recall entering Dawn 2 Dusk in Pretoria but was unable to make it as I ended up running in India at the five-day Himalayan Stage Race.

Over this past weekend my friend Asa (the same person that I seconded at Washie last year) tagged me on Facebook for the Akasia Dawn 2 Dusk 12hr circuit race. He lives in Malawi but will be in Jo'burg over this weekend and so he was scanning event listing to see what he could catch while in town.

I didn't even hesitate.

"I'm in!" I replied.

Our entries are in and on Saturday, 29 August 2015 we'll be running many, many one-kilometer laps. This event is run during the day, not through the night like the other one that I did. I enjoy running at night, but this daytime run is definitely easier on our supporters.

D2D route drawn by Fanie Naude (thank you)
My goal is to better my distance of 98 kilometres that I did back in 2006...

Last night I had a good jog-walk following this past week of throat infection and meds. Now that I've had cough-cold-infection for three weeks I hope that this is it for the rest of the season!

It is now the time to log a lot of running - race coming!

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