Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Happy 15th Birthday www.AR.co.za

I was snoozing a bit yesterday so this is a one-day late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to www.AR.co.za
www.AR.co.za turned 15 YEARS OLD yesterday!
I started the site back on 11 April 2001 to provide a central avenue for everything AR in South Africa. I started building the site in mid-2000, but only put it live on 11 April 2001.
Back then the site was built in straight HTML with dozens of pages that I hand-coded in notepad! Later, I put the site into CSS style sheets and then later onto the WordPress platform that it currently runs on.
Although the event calendar has been a focus, there’s an abundance of articles (over 100), most of which I’ve written over the years, covering everything from basics, to seconding, medical issues, navigation and teammates. There have also been hundreds of event reports, written by you, from an array of events.
The national ‘advracesa‘ email group list… I set up the email list on 27 June 2001. Oddly, I thought the email group was older… but that’s probably because I was administering a number of others at the tme. There are currently 903 members – some have been on this group for more than a decade!
Looking at the current member list (I cannot account for early adopters who have left over the years), Mark Le Roux was the first to join on 28 June 2001; Darron Raw was second on 29 June 2001. Some other names you’ll recognise may include Francois Oosthuizen and Tim Skeep (2 July 2001), Piers Pirow and Erica Terblanche (20 August 2001) and Nicholas Mulder (14 September 2001). Expedition Africa director Stephan Muller joined the list on 21 May 2002.
tick-tock… the years have been full of adventures and adventure races.
Three cheers for another 15 years!
Lisa (AR’s mom)

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