Sunday, 8 May 2016

It's that time of year - 40 Days of Running

Yes, I'm turning 40 this year. OMG - where has the time gone!

And, with my birthday approaching, my annual pre-birthday game kicks in. For this game, I have to run every day for the number of days of the age that I'm turning, with the last day falling on my birthday. The 'rule' is a 5km or 30 minute run as a minimum. Sometimes I swap a 30-minute run for a one-hour walk with my mom.

I started this game when I turned 35 and I've kept it up since.

What this games teaches re-teaches me every year is how easily I can let what is important to me (running) slide because of nonsense - rush-rush, busy days, laziness, something else taking priority...

In reality, slipping in a 30-minute session is not that difficult if it is a priority. This is something I definitely need to re-learn.

Since moving to Parys, I have been particularly bad at prioritising myself and my running. I am thankful for the days I've spent out scouting routes for Forest Run this year and our every Saturday morning parkruns. They've kept me ticking over. Sure, I paddle regularly and I ride my bike around, but as all runners know, this just isn't the same as running.

This year's game should be interesting and challenging. This week I'll be out cutting trails for Forest Run and being on my feet for 8hrs a day and covering good distances should cover my 30-minute rule (it will be walking, not running). 

21 May is Forest Run itself and I'll be lucky to get in a run... I may get a quick jaunt in once all the runners are home.

And then on 28 May Celliers and I head off to Chile for three weeks. I know! How divine! With two days of travel and time to kill in airports either side of our trip, I'll may need to do some sessions of walking around airports.

My birthday game comes at a perfect time; a time when I need to re-centre myself; re-prioritise me and running and restore a bit of balance. Oddly, I've been running very well; just not very much. Go figure.

Today was Day 1 of '40 Days of Running' and it was done after dark, squeezed in after a full day. I felt like a champion running through my little town on quiet and dark roads. 

Three cheers for the 6th year of my birthday game as we ring in '40 Days of Running'. 


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