Wednesday, 11 May 2016

World Orienteering Day fun

What a day! My morning began with orienteering activities for World Orienteering Day at Parys Primary School. A few hours and 154 children later, I was in my car and headed for the Likkewaan Canoe Club to hang flags for a Paddle-O event. We had 31 paddlers participating on three courses.

What an awesome day of orienteering!

It looks like there are 76 countries participating in World Orienteering Day and participant and location numbers are being logged on the World Orienteering Day website as I type. The numbers of locations and participants are climbing steadily as event hosts log numbers.

I've had great fun mapping the school and the river to present these events. My thanks to my helpers from today: Martie, Liz, Sylvia and Celliers plus the LO teachers at Parys Primary (Marlie, Yollie and Mr Wessels) as well as the headmaster, Mnr de Swardt for welcoming me to the school without hesitation.

It's back to trail cutting for Forest Run on Thurs and Fri.

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