Friday, 8 July 2016

A writing adventure

Writing just happened to me. Looking back writing was always in my veins. When my post-graduate supervisor, Professor Kramer, used to say, “Your papers are very well written”, I didn’t think anything of it. A few years later, writing became my work.

I've generally written for magazines and clients in the adventure / running / outdoor industries but I'm keen for new challenges - writing content on other topics.
I'd never considered myself a 'ghostwriter', yet writing media releases for clients is very much ghostwriting because my name rarely appears on published releases, whether in print or online. 
I recently wrote a number of blog posts for a client. These appear under their name, not mine. And I love it! There's a satisfaction in looking through their blog and picking out the pieces that I've written. 
At the moment, I'm changing my focus and putting out feelers for writing-only and copy editing commissions. If you're in the market for a writer, please drop me a note.
You'll find examples of my writing as well as services, rates and contact details on my 'writing stash' website - (note the wordpress address).
Looking back - over a 20-year period, I have written:
  • Scientific papers (cell and developmental biology)
  • Voice-over scripts (for Drifter Adventure Zone on Supersport)
  • This AdventureLisa blog (over 1,100 posts!)
  • Blog content for clients
  • Website content – news stories for and FEAT ( (hundreds and hundreds of posts)
  • Newspaper articles
  • Newsletters – hundreds of them!
  • Product specifications and descriptions
  • Product reviews
  • Magazine columns (for GoMulti and Runner’s World SA magazines)
  • Magazine features
  • Gear Editor for Runner's World SA
  • Magazine supplements – for Runner’s World as well as the running section of the Men’s Health Buyer’s Guide
  • Book co-author with Jacques Marais of ‘Adventure Racing’
  • Content contributor for Jacques Marais' book, ‘Trail Runner’s Guide’
  • Text content for Wouter Kingma's large-format, coffee-table book, ‘2008 Abu Dhabi Adventure Race’
  • Event reporting – website content and media releases in the role as media director of the event and visiting media
  • Media releases – products, events, athletes and brands
  • Website editor and designer (I am proficient in HTML, CSS and WordPress)

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