Friday, 29 July 2016

The Munga Trail launched

Adventure racers are perfectly suited to Alex Harris' new The Munga Trail event. They can keep going for ages and many can navigate. OK, so navigation for this event is GPS based, but still.
Here's the low-down:
Venue is Lakenvlei Forest Lodge (10km from Belfast – on the Belfast-Dullstroom road) to Blyde River Canyon.
400km non-stop foot event. Five race villages (70-80km apart) where runners can sleep if they want, grab a shower and hot food that we’ll supply. Dedicated water points 20-30km apart. 10 in total.
Terrain includes about 25km veld running and about 150km single track and trails. Jeep tracks, forestry roads and some district roads will make up the rest.
Navigation by GPS and rudimentary MUNGA route markings at major turning points. GPS track issued two weeks before the start.
The race will start on 19 April 2017 at 12 noon at Lakenvlei Forest Lodge and finish at 12 noon on 24th April in the Blyderiver Canyon – the 3rd largest canyon on earth. Runners will navigate district roads, forestry roads, jeep track, single track and some virgin veld. More than 85% of the route will be exclusive to the race.

The cut-off time limit is 120 hours, and the winners are expected to finish between 60 and 70 hours. They will not be allowed any additional outside assistance i.e. no support crew.

Entries are now open. Early Bird entry fee is R12,000 until 31 October 2016. Thereafter R 15,000. Entries close end February 2017. Limited to 100 runners.
Of course there is much chatter about the entry fee. Please read the post I wrote a while back about entry fees. I hope that this adjusts your perspective on what goes into an event and why fees are what they are. Sure, it is a lot of money to spend to enter, but this isn't more than what you'd spend on many other events and when you consider the logistics and a field that is limited to only 100 runners... This will be a high profile event, media and all the bells and whistle... They cost.
You have two choices; enter, or don't.
From Alex Harris you can definitely expect top quality in planning and execution.
If you wanna keep tabs on this event, Like their FB page The Munga Trail. I most certainly have!
And if you're doing it and you need navigation skills help, call me.

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