Thursday, 17 November 2016

Can two weeks of walking make you fitter?

I had my first run last night since I got back from Spain - it was a gentle jaunt with my furry husky friend, Kiska. When I got back from Spain I came down with a sore throat and snotty nose with clogged sinuses for a good 10 days. So I did little much of nothing - except blowing my nose and gargling and one good bike ride. I've also been parkrun Run Director at the two Saturday parkruns (for the two Saturdays that I've been back), plus our special Tuesday evening parkrun for our second birthday on 8 Nov.

Yesterday evening, my furry friend was in a frenzy. We haven't been out together from before I left and it was good to enjoy the road and park with him. My legs felt good (a bash and graze still on my left shin from one of my three swims from kayaking the Vaal on Sunday), lungs felt good and body felt good.

We ran part of the parkrun route and I wondered whether my two weeks of walking in Spain would have made a difference to my fitness and, more importantly, whether it will make a difference to my parkrun time, especially as I'm now more than adequately rested and recovered.

Walking is a funny thing. The hours spent each day on my feet have made them even stronger than usual. We did have some good hill climbing but as I was always walking slower than my pace, I was never stretched physically or in cardiovascular effort. But still, spending seven to nine hours a day walking, versus the same time sitting at a computer - it is bound to have made a difference. Perhaps not to speed, but to overall fitness.

I'm running parkrun this Saturday - my first in months (I was RD a number of times before I left and on other Saturday I volunteered so I ran early, missing the parkrun vibe). I'm looking forward to stretching my legs and pushing myself to see what time I can achieve.

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