Monday, 21 November 2016

Mulberry foraging and treats

My annual mulberry foraging exploits are usually done on runs where I munch handfuls as I pass mulberry trees. I'm always on the lookout for the sweetest and juiciest mulberries in the area.

After my recent travels to Spain, with my mom, where I foraged a great deal, it was a treat to return home to the start of the mulberry season. I had a mission "To use them for something". I think the most I've ever done before was a bit of a sweet sauce.

Well, I outdid myself this weekend with TWO mulberry cobblers AND a dazzling mulberry compote.

The first mulberry cobbler was eaten for dinner (yes, dinner - I was out of other ideas) on Friday night (with icecream and custard - Ruben and Kyla and Celliers were in 7th heaven). Ruben, Kyla and my mom were part of the mulberry picking.

I baked the second, a bigger one, on Sunday morning to take to a lunch. I got out early in the morning on my bicycle to check out the trees in the area. The one, which I remember from last year as being very sweet, is not yet loaded with ripe berries. I scored more from the tree that we picked from on Friday. The third is near home and I was able to reach a good number.

I made the compote on Friday night. It is a sweet sauce, much like a runny jam. The idea is that this is a drizzle for icecream or anything else.

Feast your eyes.

Mulberry cobbler

Friday night dinner...

Bigger and better for Sunday lunch