Monday, 16 January 2017

Running every road in Parys

I've got a new running game. I'm on a mission to run every road in Parys.

I started with this about two weeks ago and each time I go out I aim to run different streets, which I log on my Google Map.

I have a new weekly running buddy in my neighbour Andrew. Last week Wednesday, we ran an 11.5km route (orange) and will be making this a regular thing. Just as we got going, we bumped into another runner, Sarel, who was about to head out. We invited him to join us and as he will be running Comrades again, he is keen to join us regularly for some company. I'm planning this Wednesday's route with a view to colour-in more roads.

I like my new game and it is definitely a good motivator to see my map become more colourful with each run.

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