Monday, 16 January 2017

When your computer doesn't turn on

Monday. I turned on my laptop this morning... actually, I didn't manage to turn on my laptop this morning because it wouldn't turn on. My best guess is moisture from dampness around/near my laptop bag on Friday afternoon. Nothing was wet but it was humid and moist. I left it in the sun to dry out this morning but still nothing- so it is now at the shop.

I've been feeling quite out of sorts without my computer. I have a good backup but, of course, it is missing recent content and in the past two weeks I've created a bunch of new stuff. Fortunately, a lot of it is online and much is recoverable but there are a bunch of things I need - especially content from my email (no, I am not using cloud email). I do pick up my email on my phone, so I'm not completely out of it; but I don't run my email from my phone.

My computer is my link too - well, just about everything. Work, information, communication, hobbies, entertainment - it is all on my machine.

It is quite amazing how much stuff I do have 'in the cloud' with websites, banking, social media and a host of other activities not based on my computer - and often duplicated on my phone. The challenge is remembering all the passwords!

I'm sure my harddrive is ok and I'm hoping that I'll get lucky with prize #1 - that they can get my computer to turn on and run. Of course, if it can be properly fixed - all the better. Prize #2 will be just pulling the data off the harddrive.

I fired up my old laptop, which was a good one that I had for many years. Old faithful.

While I'm more disconnected than connected,  I'll make use of the time to do offline tasks I've been putting off.

Fingers crossed.

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