Sunday, 26 March 2017

50th parkrun milestone

Yay! I finally got to 50 parkruns. Although I'm at parkrun almost every weekend, I don't always get to log a run on those weekends so it has felt like forever to get to 50 parkruns. I have run 41 of my 50 parkruns here in Parys.

I've put in for my 50th tee and look forward to running in it. I've also put in for the new Volunteer 25 Club tee (purple) as I've volunteered well over 25 times now (somewhere in the 30s).

It is nice to hit milestones. Onward to 100!


Conrad van den Berg said...

When you were still doing adventure racing and I road marathons, who would have thought a 5km run in the park is a big thing? But it is. Congratulations on your 50.

adventurelisa said...

Hahahaha - Conrad, you are so right!

As Bruce Fordyce says to me when we bump into each other - usually at parkruns, "Can you believe it! From 250km Swazi Xtreme to 5km parkrun!". Bruce and I raced together in a team back in 2006.

Parkrun is so much more than a 5km run. It is a people thing and, moving to a new town, a community thing for me. Very special indeed. Bruce knew it would be popular but who ever could have predicted this!