Monday, 27 March 2017

Meet Rusty. My first dog.

I am 40 years old and on Friday afternoon I drove proudly from Jo'burg to Parys with my first dog in my car.

Meet Rusty. My first dog.

Rusty's first few hours with us - Friday, 24 March 2017
She had a home, outside of Pretoria. Her previous people have been overseas for 18 months. She had a home and food and shelter and was on the property with a ridgeback and the domestic worker.

When I received the note about Rusty needing a home a few weeks ago, I passed it on to a friend. She was interested but I then found out Rusty had a home. A week ago I received a note from the woman that I know, Sonja (she is friends with Rusty's previous people). She said the people that were going to take Rusty couldn't no longer as they are away very often. I contacted my friend again but with one of her two older border collies not doing very well, she didn't want to take on a new dog right now.

On Wednesday Sonja said she would be collecting the dogs on Friday (last week). She had a home for the ridgeback but no home yet for Rusty. There was just something about Rusty in the fuzzy picture that I had of her. I began negotiations with Celliers. When Rusty's original people agreed to cover her costs, the deal was sealed and Rusty would be coming to live with us.

On Thursday I hit the pet hyper in Vanderbijl to get her things like a collar and tag and running harness and lead and food bowl and brush. And some food samples.

On Friday, Rusty's day started with being collected by Sonja, from Pretoria. Sonja drove her through to Sunninghill, where I collected her. Thankfully she came with her kennel and a basket. Thank goodness that I had a big trailer with me as I was in Jo'burg to collect things. I then drove back with Rusty to Parys. She travels really well and lies peacefully on the back seat.

We had a short stop at home. Ruben and Kyla were totally surprised and absolutely delighted.

I then took Rusty to the vet for her vaccinations, deworming and tick-and-flea treatment. She had ticks and fleas. I caught the doggie parlour lady as she was leaving and got Rusty booked in for Monday morning - plus I could stay with her during the grooming process. She was very dusty and quite matted in places and definitely needed a good scrub. I also booked her in to be sterilised. This will happen on Wednesday.

All in all she is in good health. The vet think she is about four years old. I'd been told seven years - so she is in this range. She is a bit overweight and is very unfit. The vet has guided me on what and how much to feed her and after her op, once she has recovered, we'll start with walks and then slowly work on her fitness.

On Saturday I didn't take her to parkrun. It would have been too overwhelming. We'll do parkrun together later. We did have neighbours come to visit for tea and cake on Saturday afternoon. Ruben and Kyla are helping to teach her how to play - she doesn't seem to know how to catch or fetch or chase but she is definitely getting more keen.

On Sunday we had friends over in the afternoon for tea and cake and so Rusty got lots of attention and some balls, treats and doggie shampoo as presents.

This morning we did doggy parlour and although it was new and scary for her, she did so very well. She even got ribbons in her fur, near her ears. She is now soft and furry and clean and fresh. I can't get enough of touching her.

Rusty is incredibly gentle and sweet and chilled. She is affectionate and loving. She can sit, she knows her name and she doesn't run out of the gate.

I am totally smitten with her and look forward to many years of companionship and adventures together.

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